Discus Selection & Packing



After you send us an email inquiring about Discus availability, size, and strains, we will send you a short video showing you the fish you selected. Once you confirm, via email, that the fish matches your preferences, you will be required to place the order using the shop cart.  

After you make your payment, your fish will be quarantined in a separate tank where we will stop feeding them, so that the fish will not pollute the water in the shipping bags during the transportation to your home. Keep in mind that your discus fish will be quarantined for 24 hours for size up to 4.5”, and for 48 hours for size over 4.5”.  

Then your fish will be individually wrapped in 3 plastic bags in aged clean water. We don’t use any sleeping agents while packing the fish.  

Next, we will place all bags into 1.5” Styrofoam cooler with one or two 40-hours heat packs to keep the water between 82 and 84 degrees (depending on weather).  

After that, UPS will collect your package and you will receive an email with a tracking number directly from the shipping company. 

Shipping Information


We deliver the fish directly to your home via UPS Next Day Air. We ship on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Shipping rates vary depending on your location and the total weight of the package. The weight of the package depends on the number and size of the fish you’ve purchased. Your shipping cost will be calculated prior to placing your order. There is a $150 minimum order requirement for shipping.  

If you would like to come to our place to pick up your fish yourself, you can do that on Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 4pm. Please make an appointment by sending us an email to info@dennisdicusfish.com. We are located in Bowling Green, Ohio. There isn’t a $150 minimum order requirement if you are coming to pick up your fish. Even if you pick up your fish yourself, we still have to select and quarantine the fish prior to your arrival. Please refer to the “Fish Selection & Packing” section above. 

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