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We Offer Wide Variety Of High Quality Discus Fish, Pure Freshwater Stingrays, Reasonable Prices & Fast Shipping!

A message from the Owner:

Thank you for visiting my website and I appreciate you spending the time to read this message. If you are exploring my website, you are probably looking to buy a Discus fish. And you’ve come to the right place! We appreciate your business and we will do our best to keep you satisfied with your purchase. You will receive a video of the Discus strains you’ve requested and we’ve selected for you. I believe that by sharing a video before you place the order, we will meet your expectations and improve your satisfaction with the purchase. It is your decision about whether or not to buy Discus fish from us and I respect your choice, decision, and feedback. We take pride in our business and will always be truthful about fish size and fish health. You will receive our professional recommendations when selecting Discus fish. We started this store to earn your business and become your primary source for Discus fish and freshwater Stingrays. 

Our Business:


Our core goal is to bring joy into your home through fine selection of beautiful fish!

Currently we are importing captive bred Discus Fish and Pure Strains Freshwater Stingrays from our partners and owners of some of the largest fish farms in Asia.  


Enjoy our selection!

Dennis Velkov

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