Dead on Arrival (DOA) Policy



We care deeply about our fish and make sure they remain safe and protected at all times.  Every order is guaranteed to arrive alive (healthy and sound) at your home. As an added layer of customer service and care, you can expect to receive a phone call from the company’s owner after your delivery has arrived to confirm the condition of the fish.  


In the unfortunate event you receive a Dead-on-Arrival (DOA) fish, you will be eligible for a refund minus shipping charges. You can also choose in-store credit to be applied to subsequent orders.  Also, if your order does not arrive at the end of the following day and the fish has died because of UPS error, you will receive a full refund on your order and reimbursement for the shipping fees incurred.   


Our DOA policy requires video footage of the fish before the rubber bands are removed and the bag is opened.  Please film the gills and the sealed bag.  Your video must be emailed within two hours after receiving the delivery to:  If you are unable to send the video, then please call us immediately.  


You will need to plan in advance to ensure that you are at home when your package arrives.  A UPS tracking number will be emailed to you after you have paid for your order.  We will assist you with coordinating the best shipping times based on your availability and review other convenient options to safeguard against missed deliveries.  


Refunds are NOT available for those who do not adhere to the DOA video footage requirements or miss the two-hour deadline after the fish arrives.  If you are not at home to accept the package, then refund eligibility will automatically be canceled. 

Furthermore, the DOA policy does not cover UPS delays, package misplacement, inappropriate care, or damages caused by other outside factors. Should the aforementioned scenarios occur, we recommend that you file a claim with the shipping company and request a refund from them

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