Dead on Arrival (DOA) Policy



We care about the health of every fish, and guarantee that your fish will be delivered to your home alive. If for some reason you receive a Dead on Arrival fish, you will receive a full refund for the cost of the fish. Shipping charges are excluded from the refund. You always have the option to choose to receive a refund or receive a store credit, which you can apply toward your next order. We require you to take a short video of the dead fish inside the bag, BEFORE you remove the rubber bands and open the bag. Please capture the unopened bag and the gills on the fish inside the bag. This will help us determine if the fish is dead. The video must be send within 2 hours of the package arrival, to, in order to receive a refund or a store credit. We always advise to give us a call as well, just in case your email with the video didn’t go through. Usually the Owner will personally call you (if you provide us with a phone number) as soon as the package is delivered to your home to verify that the fish arrived alive and in good condition. You will NOT receive the refund or the store credit if you didn’t follow the instructions for the video and/or you miss the 2 hours window.  

Fish will not be covered under the DOA Policy, if you are not at home at the time of your package delivery. You will receive a tracking number from UPS so you can track the shipment. Please plan your time so that you are at home when you receive your package. We will arrange the best delivery day and options for you so that we can avoid missed deliveries.  

Fish will not be covered under the DOA Policy, if death is caused by UPS transportation delays, package misplacement, mishandling, or damage to it.  ​In these situations, we recommend that you file a claim with the shipping company and request a full refund.   

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